Attention Ladies:

Imagine creating a schedule that really works for you!!!

Having a schedule that is a reflection of you and your “real-life” is crucial.

I have discovered a way to make “Making a schedule” that boosts your confidence. I have taken years of experience and know-how and simplified it to step by step strategies.

Has this ever happened to you?

You find yourself in a state of total despair, you’ve created countless number of schedules based on other peoples ideas and none of them have been something you could maintain.

I’ve had this happen to me. You see, what I realized in that moment of overwhelm, was that it wasn’t completely my fault I didn’t know how to customize and maintain the ‘bones’. I hadn’t been taught how.

So what I did was start looking at all the different scheduling ideas out there to find the common thread. And, I took what I learned and created my own schedule that has been working for me for a few years now.

Using the exact same method I am going to show you, I was able to effectively maintain a household schedule for 2 Teenage girls, myself and my husband.

If I know anything, I know one thing about you—since you are here, still reading this page, you are an intelligent woman who is fully able to take a step by step process that is taught to them and fine tune it to make it their own.

I’ve spent the last couple months simplifying my methods to create easy to follow steps!

I want to show you my scheduling methods for:

  • Strategizing the most important aspects of your routines
  • Being in control, yet not controlling
  • Using persuasive techniques to get everyone in the family to help out (yup, even the kids)
  • Creating a basic family schedule

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