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Attention Busy Moms:

Imagine being able to sleep through the night without waking up wondering what you forgot to do! That’s exactly what I am able to do now, and I am about to share my secrets with you.

This is for busy moms, looking for a way to get their emails, papers and schedules under control.

So, if you are tired of feeling overwhelmed by all the “STUFF” you have coming at you day after day, that stops you dead in your tracks and you lose focus then read on…

I am asked all the time:

Dyrene, how do you keep it all organized? How do you always know where to find things? How do you manage to only spend 15min a day going through emails? And, more than any other question, How are you ALWAYS on-time??

I cannot tell you how often I have these types of conversations with people and have to tell them that it is all tricks and tools I have learned to use over the course of many years. There are MANY different sources of information that I have used to develop my own methods for success.

If you are like I was, you feel buried under years worth of papers and emails and feel like there’s no way to get through it all. You see, when I first started, I felt the exact same way. I would start sorting with the dream of having it all put away in a couple hours.

But I quickly found that I would only seem to make things worse and not get anything accomplished. I didn’t know how exactly to get through the piles of “stuff” without getting sidetracked. I had no outline to follow, no system in place and mostly no clue how to proceed with the sorting process. In fact, I was ready to throw it all in boxes, labeled with the past 2 years dates and walk away.

(Any of this sounding familiar??)

So, I did exactly what you did, I went on the internet and tried to find something, NO-ANYTHING, that would help me get it all under control. And, I’m guessing that like me you got overwhelmed with all the information and ideas floating around out there. I found myself jumping around from one system to another like a kid in a candy store.

Why surfing Websites only adds to your confusion and overwhelm!

If you have ever found yourself in a state of total despair, wondering if you’re destined to having a gazillion boxes marked “MISC” in your storage area, I am here to give you hope!

You see, what I realized in that moment of overwhelm, was that it wasn’t completely my fault I didn’t know how to keep the information under control. I hadn’t been taught how to do it by anyone, for that matter most of our parents & teachers never had to deal with this level of information when they were our age.

Although I had been able to keep my information under control in my work environment, I still struggled with what to do with all the personal stuff that takes over the home. You’ve probably felt the same way at times. Perhaps you’ve never thought of your household as a “minibusiness.”

It’s not your fault. It is confusing and frustrating when you don’t have a step-by-step process to follow that would allow you to manage the information the moment it came into your world, and to access it in the moment you need it. As a matter of fact, when I ask a group of moms how many of them are tired of “having to search for stuff”? at least three quarters of the room usually raise their hands.

If I know anything, I know one thing about you—since you are here, still reading this page, you are an intelligent woman who is fully able to take a step by step process that is taught to them and fine tune it to make it their own.

I’ve spent the last couple months simplifying my methods to create easy to follow steps!

So you can feel at ease, be in control and be productive each day!

Here is what I know from that process:

Emails, regardless of their content, do not have to be overwhelming and time consuming. Emails as a matter of fact can be an excellent resource when handled and stored appropriately.

Paper information (school info, take-out menus, bills, insurance policies etc…) can be stored and accessed with minimal daily effort.

Schedules (though often changing) can be created in a way that allows for the freedom that we all need to have when raising children with multiple activities.

Over the last few years, I have been able to create a working system that incorporates each of these sections in a way that makes them all manageable and doable. When I look back on the process, I had fun creating the systems and realized that once I decided to make it my own, it became sort of a game I played with myself.

Here are a few things I was able to accomplish:

Emptied my Email Inbox from 500+ emails to 10

Sorted through 5 boxes of misc. papers (Boxes from Cases of Copy Paper)

Created duplicate filing systems in Email program and for physical filing to create ease in accessing information

Created a basic family schedule for menus, schools, chores/cleaning, and activities

This is how I did it and it didn’t take long at all!
Let me show you how!

Maybe I should take some time now to share with you what my life looked like before I got to this place. You see, things weren’t always this organized for me either.

My story isn’t that different from many of us that grew up from the late 60’s to early 90’s. Our parents just simply did what needed to be done and didn’t always share the “WHY” behind what was being done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They didn’t include us kids in the process, just in the implementation of the work (read CHORES). We never were given the opportunity to see how it all fit together in the big picture.

So, when I moved out on my own, I suddenly realized I didn’t have a clue how to manage a home, never mind the thought of taking care of a family. I quickly had to learn the skills I needed from wherever and whomever would teach me. I will admit, that at first, I was a horrible failure at keeping it all together. As a matter of fact, when I moved my family of 4 from Florida to Massachusetts, I had way too many boxes marked MISC. Some of those boxes stayed packed in our basement for almost 10yrs.

When our basement flooded for first time in over 30yrs (I know because I bought my parents home) I was forced to go through my boxes and had no choice but to get rid of stuff.

It was at that point that I realized that I had to figure out a way to deal with my stuff more efficiently.

Two very important things happened at this moment. First, I realized I needed to find someone to help me, and I sought the help of a personal coach to keep me on track. Second, I decided that I loved the process and wanted to teach it to other women who were in the same boat I had been, such was born “Titus 2 Coaching”.

In the past few months I have:

  • Spoken to groups about the benefits of organizing their email systems
  • Given interviews on how starting own business has made me even more organized
  • Hosted Teleseminars on Overcoming Overwhelm and Creating Peace in your Day
  • Scheduled multiple speaking engagements on organizing and time management

But remember, it wasn’t always this way.

A few years ago, I was sitting in my basement surrounded by wet boxes marked MISC, having to sort through my stuff from almost 10 years prior. My idea of a schedule, was the kids’ school calendar hung on the fridge, so I knew when they had school or not.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was an easy process, on the contrary, it was quite difficult. And, even though it was tough going and it took lots of hard work, I am grateful for the lessons it taught me and that I can now save you some of that time and aggravation.

I went to as many websites as I could, tried every system out there I could find, asked my friends what they were doing and even asked my mom. (that took a lot of courage!! LOL)

I am so excited to be sharing my step-by-step system with you now, because it’s going to give you more time to take care of you and your family. So, everyone is happier and you can finally feel peaceful!

This is a special time for me, as I know that you will be able to take the information I share with you, put it into practice in your home and find the renewed sense of peace and calm that you’ve been searching for.

I will share with you my proven techniques for doing more in less time, without becoming the “wicked step-mother” from Cinderella. I will show you ways to get your family excited about joining you on this journey, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Not only that, but what you will learn from me will free up so much time in your day, that you will be searching for new hobbies or picking up ones you’ve let slide over the years.

Conquer your Information Overload - Virtual Day Modules:

Module 1 - Get your Email Organized: Get back to the basics and find out the ways/reasons to sort your email. We will walk through some typical subjects and topics for creating folders/subfolders to get you organized. Not doing this the right way, can set you back days/months from any progress we make today.

Module 2 - Put those papers away for good: Do you feel like the paper monster has control and you will never find your way out from underneath it?? Well, we are going to create an easily manageable system for you to use to sort the papers as they come into your life. Some papers won’t even make it in the door any longer.

Module 3 - Create a Schedule that Works for your Family: Most people try to fit their lives into a premade schedule. I will teach you how to create a schedule that fits your existing life. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If your peg is square let’s make a square hole for it to fit into.

Are You Ready to Take Action Today and Make This Work for You??

Yes, my clients and I have used these exact same steps to ease our information overload, and now I am ready to share these steps with you. NOW, more than ever, we moms need to have our paperwork/information under control so we can achieve everything we desire.


Conquer your Information Overload:
In 3 Easy Steps!!

An Online 1-Day Virtual Workshop that shows you EXACTLY what steps to follow to reclaim your time
Saturday September 22nd, 2012
In the comfort of your own home!

Have you participated in a Virtual Training Day Yet? I have and it gave me the chance to learn and apply the skills immediately. There’s nothing like doing the work to cement the new process.

It is fabulous and I know you will love it.

NO TRAVEL – Instead of having to travel to a location to receive valuable information which you then have to take home or back to the office to implement, you are actually taking this training from the comfort of your home or office. The day is specifically designed to give you a jump start on taking action, implementation, getting your questions answered and getting you headed down your path to success.

IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION – The best part about it is that you will able to immediately implement the strategies you learn during the training day.

During this 6 hour day we will spend approximately 3 hours on the phone/web together. During our time on the phone you will learn a strategy, then we will hang up and you implement that strategy. Then we will get back on the phone together where we will discuss any issues you may have encountered and celebrate your successes. We will do this throughout the day in approximately 1 hour increments.

GROUP SETTING – Since you will be learning in a group setting with other attendees, you will not only be learning from me during the calls but learning from how others in the group are applying what they are learning.

Prior to the Virtual day you will receive tips from me to help you create some basic categories for filing if you have not already done this. You will also receive tips to help you get your schedule ready for the strategies that I am going to teach you.

Now you might be thinking – What if I miss a call or can’t participate in part of the day? No worries – Everything is being recorded and we will have one location online with all of the resources we discuss as well as all the learning materials and call recordings and you will have immediate access to that during the Virtual Day and for several weeks following the day.

Oh, I almost forgot about the bonuses!!

Fast Acting Bonus #1:

Recordings of all of the days calls and webinars – That is correct – if you miss a call or if you just want to go back and listen again to make sure you caught all the wonderful secrets you will have access to the recordings. These recordings will be downloadable for your future enjoyment as well. ($297 Value)

Fast Acting Bonus #2:

Free Q&A Coaching Call with Me. One of the key elements to look for an any training program is the opportunity to ask questions. Once you have finished with Conquering your Information Overload – you’ll get a free 30 minute call with me to answer any questions you have and to talk about where to go next once you have taken the steps from the workshop. ($147 value)

Fast Acting Bonus #3:

Pre-Event Templates – Lists and tips to get your filing and schedule ready to work with the day of our workshop. ($97 Value)

Yes, Dyrene, I’m convinced, but how much??

This is the amazing part, I am so excited about sharing this information, I am only charging a nominal fee.

The regular investment for this program is $497 (a bargain considering just how much free time you will have after implementing the steps you learn from this program). Plus, you get the bonuses valued at $541, for a total value of $1038!

But the truth is, I want this to be easy for everyone to take advantage of. Even though I believe in the spirit of opulence and abundance, I know that a lot of families are facing the “fear of recession.”

Change does not happen from a place of fear!

I see a lot of families struggling and it doesn’t have to be that way. With these tools, you will find yourself in a new place with a step by step guidebook and teaching.

So this event isn’t going to cost you $797 or even $497. The cost for the entire 6 hours plus all the bonuses is only


You read that right, only $147.00!! (Total Value: $1038)

For the Virtual Event and the Bonuses, it’s Amazing!

I’m sure you will agree that it is a small price to pay for the tools and techniques you will learn during this time.

So, to recap. You get approximately 3 hours of training from me personally, proven step by step strategies and 3 hours of implementation during the class for only $147. The whole day will take 6 hours, so that is less than $25/hour for this training. I know it sounds crazy for me to do this at this price point, but to me it is worth it for you to have the information and be able to use it immediately.

There are two things I want to share with you. First, the space for this class is limited to the first 100 people and a good chunk of the seats have been filled. Second, this price is only for a limited time. I guarantee the price will be going up the closer we get to the class date, So grab your seat now before it goes up.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarentee

Here is how confident I am you’ll succeed with this program – You also get our 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee! If YOU take all the action steps presented over 3 months, but you are not happy with the program and have not achieved the success you desired, then I will refund your money and let you keep this program, as well as all the bonus.

So, are you ready to reserve your spot?

Yes, Dyrene I am Ready to sleep through the night and stop worrying!!

SO, let’s recap what you will receive:

  • 3 Hours of Training
  • 3 Hours of Implementation
  • Proven Step by Step Strategies
  • Templates to help prepare you for the workshop
  • Recordings of all calls
  • 30-min Q&A Coaching Call with Me

Congratulations, decision maker, you are on your way to more peace and free time in your day to day life.

DON’T Delay!
Click the Buy Now Button To Register.

To your Happiness and Joy!

PS. – If you are still on the fence and wish to ask me any questions, please click here to schedule a time for us to talk.

PPS – I look forward to seeing you soon.